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These reusable produce bags, made from recycled plastic drinking bottles (rPET), are a great and easy alternative for single use plastic fruit and veg bags when shopping. 

These lightweight bags are strong enough to hold up to 2kg of produce and feature a drawstring tie. Weighing at under 10grams, these reusable bags will barely register on the scales and are also made with a see through mesh so that you know exactly what's inside.

These bags also double up as a colander, letting you wash your produce whilst still in the bag.

They also allow your produce to breathe, due to the mesh fabric, meaning that fresh produce should last longer as it doesn't sweat.

These produce bags are so versatile! They can be used for storing bulk goods, dried fruit, nuts, grains or for drying herbs and even for laundry.


  • Made from BPA Free foodsafe rPET material
  • Weigh 10 grams
  • Holds up to 2kg produce
  • Comes in a green pouch with a carabiner clip
  • See through mesh allows you to see what's inside
  • Made from up to 10 recycled plastic drinking bottles (rPET)
  • 100% vegan friendly
  • Packaging is suitable for both recycling or composting
  • 100% recyclable

Onya Produce Bags 8 pack - Green Apple

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