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Price per 100g. Order required quanitities in multiples of 100g. This Green Tea is given its name from the village nearby to where it is grown. This tea is hand-picked and heated immediately to stop the natural fermentation process. The tea is produced according to ancient time-tested methods and workers perform all tasks by hand just like their ancestors. This process ensures the tea keeps its wonderful original flavour qualities.   Dragonwell is distinguished by its beautiful shape and emerald colour. It has flat jade green leaves which are are flattened into needle shapes.  Produces a fine, bright yellow-green liquor with a sweet and fruity taste. The brewed leaves can be eaten. Brew using freshly boiled water at a temperature of 80 degrees and infuse for 3–5 minutes.

Loose Leaf Tea (Penningtons) - Lung Ding Greenwell

100 Grams
  • Yes
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